Published in Human Parts collection on Medium. We go to the beach every afternoon when we first move to Florida. The sun is brutal, but it makes the ocean sparkle like it has billions of diamonds sewn into the surface. It’s so bright that it’s blinding and I have to squint to look at it, […]

Published in Human Parts collection on Medium. When I left for college my freshman year, I waxed poetic on leaving home. I wrote in my journal about how I would probably never come back to live at home in the same way again. I was growing up! How sad! Oh time! I wrote these things […]

Published in Culture Club collection on Medium. Taxi drivers in Xi’an don’t give a shit. Especially during rush hour. Especially when the sun is beating down so oppressively that you can feel the heat of the pavement through the thin soles of your cheap sneakers.  Especially when you have only one hour before your train […]

Published in Human Parts collection on Medium. 50 Threadneedle Crescent doesn’t change. In my mind, it looks the way it did when I was a child and trips to see my family in Toronto were frequent. All the rooms in the house stayed exactly the same every time I visited, whether I was four or […]

Rain Jazz Emma’s fingers tumble over the keys and the notes that come from the piano are so lively. They leap into the air and seem to hop on lithe feet of their own into the audience, tiptoeing in merry, nimble steps with each diminuendo and cartwheeling with the crescendos. Emma’s wrists are soft and […]

I have and will always be an optimist. I can still remember exactly when I learned the word. It was in tae kwon do. Back then, at my tae kwon do school, before we promoted belts, we were given a few papers to complete before the ceremony. One page required signatures from your schoolteacher and […]

A few weeks ago, my school’s Safety Dance was officially canceled. I walked into the dining hall for breakfast on a Tuesday morning and glanced at the stack of the daily news, as I usually do. I had stopped reading the daily in favor of novels lately – but the headline was glaring. “Safety Dance […]

Like many people, I love traveling. But not just what people commonly mean when they say traveling, as in, exotic locations, delicious new foods, local cultures, beautiful landscapes – I mean the process of traveling, too. The airports, the airplanes, the trains, the cars. A couple weeks ago, I flew home from Louisville, Kentucky, with […]

The music gently begins, Rapunzel’s voice. Rapunzel flings herself to the edge of the canoe, gripping the long stem at the end and watching, with her large, desperate doll eyes, as slowly, slowly, a mass individual gold lights rise in a wave from a dark castle in the horizon. More lanterns drift from other ships […]

If you ask me, why do I need to learn about the humanities? I will tell you to look in the mirror, because I think it’s really the people like you who need to learn it the most. Yes, you. You, who see all things as means, never ends. You, who cannot love anything except […]


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